A society where PWAs enjoying independent and dignified life. Empowering people with autism to protect, promote and utilize
their rights so that they can have full and effective participation in the society.
Meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects
of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.
A person-centered approach to support to children,
young people and adults living with autism.
Promoting mutuality of support and respect through the
highest standards of integrity.
Raising awareness amongst the public and garnering
respect and care for people with autism


AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS):
AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS) was founded on 2nd April 2008 on the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day. It is the only active autism organization in Nepal that is run by passionate parents that care for persons with autism. It is a non-governmental, nonprofit making, non-political NGO registered in District Administration Office (Regd. No. 1067/2065) and affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC No: 25314). ACNS is also Income-tax exempt organization under the Income Tax Act 2058 Clause 2 (DHA) recognized by the Internal Revenue Department of Nepal, having PAN No: 302973565. It is the only active autism organization in Nepal, which provide support and information services to person with autism and people who work with person with autism. The group’s initial goal was to raise awareness and provide support to parents and caretakers of children with Autism. As ACNS progressed, it became clear that what was really needed was a center that would help families throughout Kathmandu and Nepal to raise awareness, provide basic therapy services, Special/ Inclusive Education and to develop knowledge base and expertize in the field of autism. ACNS provides support and information services to persons with autism and people who work on autism in Nepal.
We wish to work with organizations worldwide to share information, resources and assist families and children at a national level, and look forward to continuing our contact with families and professionals worldwide. We educate, aware and act for the rights of persons with autism throughout Nepal.

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ACNS's vocational unit now sells hand-made products produce by people with autism and their parents.


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ACNS relies on funds from voluntary sources for the development of a range of services to meet the special needs of people with autism.



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